National Council

The National Council receives its support from various local units, the New York state council, and members-at-large. Council meetings are open to delegates and alternates from each unit. Officers are elected from among those delegates at the Annual Meeting of the Council, although the council may affirm its platform and program through annual or biennial conventions.

Leadership Structure

The current National Board of Officers is: Robert Land, Chairman; Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, 1st Vice Chairman; Charlotte Arndt, 2nd Vice Chairman; William Hettel, 3rd Vice Chairman; Ilse Hoffmann, Secretary; Barbara DeOliveira, F. Sec’y; Mary Ostasecki, Treasurer; Margita Collins, 1st Trustee; Elyse Land, 2nd Trustee. As an eight term Past National Chairman, Randall Ratje is an Ex Officio board member.