Complete an application and open the door to German-American history!

Membership is available to all United States citizens, aged 18 and older, who are of German or Austrian heritage. Did a parent or grandparent speak German? If so, you’re on your way to becoming a member! Admission is available for local units or, where none is currently available, membership at large. If you’re not already in-touch with a local unit, submit an application for membership-at-large and we can try to make that connection for you.

Included with your $25 yearly dues is a subscription to The Steuben News, and an opportunity to participate in society events and fundraisers. As an active member, we know your time is valuable. There are no minimum social or volunteer hour requirements.

While you’re waiting on your application to be processed, stay in touch and help us spread the word through social media, family, and friends! Everyone in the German-American community has something special to share, and together we can make a difference.

To request more information, please email the Steuben Society of America directly.