Our Symbols

The Emblem

Society Wheel

The National colors, Red, White and Blue are repeated four times around the outside circle. This signifies that we are American citizens from all parts of the country, North, South, East and West, and are bound together in one patriotic ring; the outer and sustaining ring holding us all together for our united patriotic purposes.

In the center is a black disc. This, together with the white circle enclosing it and the red segments in the outer ring, make that combination of colors which stands for our race and the land of our ancestors, of which we are all proud. And the disposition of these colors in the emblem, the intermingling or weaving together of the Black, White, and Red with Red, White and Blue, explains our position as Americans of German descent, of which we are no less proud. This mingling of our colors also symbolizes how the men and women of German blood came from abroad, and how they and their descendants became an important part of this nation. The Black, White and Red in the emblem represent German thoroughness, the German seriousness and the German love of work, which have been a very important factor in the upbuilding of our nation, and these colors are placed in this emblem because it is our intention to keep on contributing these German traits for the good of our country.

As the National colors are repeated four times in the outer ring, it will be observed that each separate color with it’s four segments forms a cross. The red cross symbolizes the German blood and what it has done for America, and also serves to remind us that only those with German blood in their veins may belong to our Society. Note: This refers to the German flag prior to 1933 (Black, Red and White as opposed to today’s Black, Red and Gold).

The white cross signifies innocence and charity, and is the most prominent of the three crosses. The blue cross symbolizes the azure of the heavens and is the emblem of hope, without which this life would be dull indeed. The white circle signifies purity, and binds the National colors (four times repeated) to the single German black disc in the center of the emblem, and it is particularly significant that the Circle of Purity should unite the Red, White and Blue with the Black, White and Red.

The Sealseal1a

Round, with the outer limit formed by a rope, signifying unity, the bond of common interests and common future, and the necessity of solidarity and co-operation.
The background of the central field is black, signifying the period that gave rise to the organization and the ominous powers which promoted the prejudice and hatred against United States citizens of Germanic extraction.

The lighthouse is the organization itself, standing squarely in its field. The light-rays stand for enlightenment and are to be looked upon as the promise of hope. The rock upon which the tower stands represents the Germanic element in the United States, against which have crashed the great billows of war passions, and the waves of everyday prejudices.

The field is to be looked at from the North. Looking at the field in that manner shows the coast of the United States in the North, and a sailing vessel in the East going to the West. The vessel identifies the idea of immigration. The marker in the book above the small vessel is to remind of the events of the past, while the book itself typifies history, culture and advancement. The ballot urn reminds of the civic duties and rights of the citizen.