Dr. Reppmann

Author, educator, and researcher.

Dr. Joachim (Yogi) Reppmann

In 2014, the Steuben Society of America presented its Erick Kurz Memorial Award for German-American History to journalist and historian Dr. Joachim (Yogi) Reppmann of Minnesota’s St. Olaf College and Germany’s Stoltenberg Institute for German-American Forty-Eighter Studies in Flensburg. Dr. Reppmann will be honored for his research on the 1848 movement’s democratic impact in Germany and the U.S.. Dr. Reppmann’s unique approach to linking descendants of Forty-eighters who settled in Iowa with their ancestors in Schleswig-Holstein is an inspiring example of building transatlantic bridges. His uncanny ability to make history come alive was recently showcased in the video “Forty-eighters and Friends”.